40 Blog Prompt Ideas

A list of blog prompt ideas is always good to have as a backup. Blogging is the best thing ever. I love it. I love it so much that I have more than one blog. Yes, it takes a bit of organizing and I am probably winging it way more than I should be. But there are days that you will sit and stare at your writing pad or your computer and your brain just go humph.

I am a big fan of carrying an old-fashioned notepad and jotting ideas down when you think of them as you never ever remember them if you don’t record it somewhere. No matter how good you think your memory is. But just in case you staring at a blank page and your list is blank here is a list of blog prompts to hopefully get a blog post sorted.

Blog Prompt Ideas

  1. How do you organize ___________ in your niche?
  2. What currently is in your bag/suitcase/workbag/Filofax
  3. What advice would you give your younger self
  4. What advice do you want to store away for your older self
  5. Pros and cons of ( insert anything )
  6. Top 10 items you use in your niche
  7. Your favourite websites for _______
  8. How to _____
  9. 3 Things you always have with you and why
  10. What items/products/plugins would spend extra on and why
  11. List of tips in your niche
  12. 10 Facts about you
  13. 10 facts about the niche your in
  14. Monthly round-up of your popular posts
  15. Create a photo gallery of your day or week
  16. Feature a blog you love, even better interview the owner
  17. Share a quote and why it inspires you
  18. Round up all the questions in your comments to create a post with the answers
  19. Look at your first post or several of them and discuss how things have changed
  20. Share what makes you tick
  21. Review something you love using
  22. Cook, photograph and share your favorite recipe
  23. Share what you have learned from your younger self
  24. List 20 thing you want to do before your next birthday or holiday or season etc
  25. What do you miss that was once in your life
  26. Write an open letter to someone
  27. What got you into blogging
  28. Share what your current inspiration for _______ is
  29. Post a series of posts on a subject
  30. Share a difficulty you have faced in your niche and how you got over it.
  31. Do a round up of your favorite social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebbok or Pinterest
  32. Do a Don’t Be The ___________ type post
  33. What goals have you achieved this year
  34. What goals have you set yourself for the coming year
  35. Share the best advice you have ever been given
  36. Share the worse advice you have ever been given
  37. What books or eBooks are you reading at the moment
  38. Share a pet peeve
  39. Behind the scenes photos of a product or service you offer
  40. 10 things you are grateful of

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