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Setting up your Etsy Shop To Sell Digital with Corjl

You have done the brainstorming, you have figured out what you want to sell and you have your products ready to go, yay. Now we can do the setting up shop bit. Setting up an Etsy shop to sell digital products can be the best decision of your life. It can also be the step that takes your dreams into ... READ the POST

What Can You Sell Digitally On Etsy

When it comes to selling digitals on Etsy there really is so much choice. Too much choice sometimes and you could be stuck at this point like a kid in a sweet shop till you finally decide what you want to sell. First up is to work out your creativity and design skills and decide on items that ... READ the POST

Map Out Your Hustle Idea And Strategy

Planning, planning, and planning. And for those at the back and talking and not listening.... PLANNING. Seriously though, planning is key to a side hustle success. Without a good plan, you may just as well be down the pub then trying to make it a success. You’re almost guaranteed to fail. Yes, there ... READ the POST

Why Etsy and Corjl?

I have always loved Etsy as a selling platform. It ticks a lot of my boxes and with the success, I am getting with using Corjl with it too, its a good fit. First up Etsy takes care of all the finances. Customers pay and regardless of where they are in the world or what currency they have paid in, ... READ the POST

My Side Hustle Journey with Etsy and Corjl

I have always been on the hunt for a side hustle that would eventually fulfill my dream of working from home again. I have had a fair amount of 'no' moments and a few ‘ok this might work’ moments but no ‘OMG I love doing this and I am earning’ moments until now. I have used Etsy on and off for ... READ the POST

7 Costly Social Media Mistakes

You can't deny it but social media with all its pros and cons can still give unprecedented access to people who may be interested in your niche or industry, or the products and services you offer. However, some new users of the networks can get so excited by the prospect of more profits that they ... READ the POST

Focus Your Time On What Generates Revenue

As much as possible, you want to generate some revenue every time you work on your side hustle. So, you’ve got to figure out how you can streamline your processes and your systems to come up with the most profitable ‘formula.’ As you already know, not all side hustles are created equal. Some side ... READ the POST

How To Avoid The Side Hustle Burnout

Working full-time can be hard and stressful enough. Working on a side hustle can take your stress levels to the next level. No matter how passionate you are about your side hustle, even if it’s your favorite thing to do in the world, there will come a time when you’ll start feeling burnt out. So, ... READ the POST

When It’s Safe To Quit Your Day Job

So, your side hustle is finally starting to take off and your future has never looked so bright. You’re excited at the prospect of working full-time on what was once your little side project. You probably feel the way Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did when they were finally ready to move out of their ... READ the POST