Build On Your Strengths, Outsource Your Weaknesses

I am a great believer that time is money. I know that time it is far better spent doing things you’re good at. You can then leave the rest (meaning, the things you’re bad or mediocre at) to people who are way better than you. It doesn’t mean you are a failure if you can’t do everything, it means your smart with your time.

In the beginning, it is perfectly okay to do everything in your side hustle business all by yourself. Its how you find out what you are good at and what you can happily outsource to someone else. Once your business starts growing, then you need to consider outsourcing those tasks which slow you down or those which you don’t particularly enjoy.

This is especially useful if you still hold a day job – you can only do so much! If you insist on doing everything yourself, then you’re only going to slow down your progress or worse burn yourself out.

Make good use of your time

If you’ve got the money even before you go into your side hustle, then right away, it will be easier for you to scale your business from the get-go! This means you can invest in the tools and resources you need to succeed.

You can simply focus on doing what you know best and outsource the rest. You don’t need to go through the process of working on your side business all by your lonesome self.

Unfortunately, however, not too many people are going to be this lucky. If you belong to the majority of people who don’t have huge trust funds or a healthy savings account, then don’t worry.

You can still succeed at your side hustle, it’s just going to take you a bit longer because you’re going to do everything from scratch. Don’t compare your progress to others. You’re just going to end up pitying yourself, and your self-esteem and your motivation will probably take a nosedive.

Let me give you an example. If you choose blogging as your side hustle, then you may need to do everything yourself in the beginning. You’ll write all the content, design your site, promote your content on various social media channels, etc.

Doing all these things will cost you many hours, maybe hundreds! But, you’d be willing to do it anyway because you’re passionate about blogging. You don’t mind doing all the grunt work. In fact, you treasure the learning experience.

When you finally succeed, you’ll get hundreds or thousands of people reading your blog posts. If you monetize your site properly, then you could earn a good amount of money from your blog.

You know that if you add more high-quality content to the site, then there’s a very good possibility your earnings are going to go up. So, now you need to decide. Do you outsource the content creation or do you do continue to do everything yourself?

If you decide to outsource, you’ll publish more articles on your site than if you continue writing alone. You’ll be able to grow your social media presence much faster. With outsourcing, you’re essentially replicating yourself, so you get more work done in less time!

Is outsourcing the right thing to do?

The thing is outsourcing part of your side hustle will mean money. But, don’t view it negatively. Instead, consider it an investment in your business. You need to spend money so you can make money.

Now, hiring the right people to help you out with your business isn’t exactly easy. If you go to a workplace site like Upwork (, you’ll probably receive tons of applicants. You’d need to shortlist the ones you think are going to be a good fit, and then you have to spend some time interviewing them.

Doing all these is going to take some time. And by the end of it all, the freelancer you hired may end up being only good on paper, but won’t be a good match for your needs. So, you need to do everything all over again.

Outsourcing comes with its own share of headache-inducing problems. Once you find a good contractor, you’ll need to train them up on your systems and your processes. They’re probably not going to get the hang of it right away. That means a few weeks of back and forths until you’re finally satisfied, and you feel comfortable enough to give them some leeway on how to do their jobs.

Whether you’re hiring freelancers or employees, keep in mind that it’s important to build healthy relationships with everyone. If you respect the people working for you, then they’ll respect you back. They’ll be more committed to helping you grow your business.

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