Different Ways To Earn Money With Your Blog

It’s no secret that you can earn money with your blog and lots of newbies and long-standing bloggers are making money with their blogging. What they earn can vary from just a few pennies to a lot of serious pounds. There are also numerous ways to earn money from a blog from selling a digital product to affiliate marketing. The trick is working with ways that work for your blog. Here are a few ideas that you can earn money with your blog that I can think of. There will be more I am sure that I have missed.

Ad Networks

This one is probably the easiest to set up and have running on your blog in minutes. That said it doesn’t mean you will be earning in minutes too, though. Ad Networks are places like Google Adsense or Media.Net. You sign up and sign in and get the code for your headers, sidebars, footer etc. The code enables third party advertisements to be shown where you have put the code. Normally you get paid per thousand impressions or an amount per click.


A bit like ad advertising but instead of being paid per click or impression the blogger gets paid per lead or per sale of what they are promoting. You can sign up sometimes at each company or you can sign up for sites like Affiliate Window who handle a lot of companies. Once accepted ( each company has their own rules for accepting ) you get a code which you add to your site in text or picture form. Then when someone reads your post and clicks the link you have your affiliate code in and purchases something, the blogger gets a percentage of the sale.

Important Note – when you have affiliate links in a post you must, by law, tell the reader that the links are affiliate links.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising is where the blogger is in direct communication with a brand and has been paid directly by the brand or company to place adverts on their blog. This does give the blogger more control than Ad Networks ads as they can choose what they want to advertise whereas in Ad Networks the blogger doesn’t have so much of a choice what’s being advertised.

Sponsored Posts

This is how I normally earn my money in blogging. It’s basically a post was written by you or supplied by the advertiser with a link or two within the post to the advertiser’s site. Prices can vary from £20 to hundreds per post. Some advertisers will run a series of posts too. You can pick up sponsored post opportunities from places like Linqia or from PR’s contacting you through your site.

Important Note – Sponsored posts must be disclosed as a sponsored post so that the reader knows that when it reads the post it was paid for.

Selling Own Products & Services

If you offer a service or a product then your blog is an excellent way to sell your own stuff. Things that work really well are services like coaching, writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, and e-books.

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