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I am sure there is someone out there, but I have yet to meet the person, who likes writing their own “About Page”. Many would argue that the about page, wither it is on Etsy or somewhere else, is the most important page. It is the one that you can tell your story. You can connect with your customer. Your about page is where you can shine some light on interesting facts about your business and why they should buy from you!

Your About Page in Etsy can be found by going to your shop manager. On the left hand, column go to the bottom and select Settings.

A slide-out will appear. Choose the about your shop at the top.


This defaults to shop members. Here you will see yourself as the shop owner. You can add a member here as well.
Now is your time to shine! Write about you, but write for your customer. You want to connect with them.

You can tell them how your first interest in your art came to start. How you have learned through the years to become an expert in your field. How you are still learning and growing your knowledge on your chosen niche. You want to capture their attention and make a connection with them.

Here you can add a picture as well. Make sure that you use one of your face, not your logo. This is your place to shine, so they need to connect with you.

After you have your intro and picture down make sure you hit save

Shop Story

Your shop story can be found next to the members at the top.

Now you have a place to enter your headline and your story.

Story Headline

Grab your customer’s attention right from the start. Use a headline that tells about what you offer and the benefit that it provides. Use the knowledge of Feature and Benefits that you used in your description writing for your individual products as a guide.

One of a kind dresses that will make your wedding elegant and enchanting. This would be an excellent headline for a shop that makes bridal wear. The feature is one of a kind dress. The benefit is that your wedding will be elegant and enchanting.

Your Story

Here is your chance to tell the story of your business and how it came into existence.
Write your story from its first creative idea to how you got to where you are today. Include your milestones and how your business has changed and grown through the years.

Your customers are there to learn about you, or they wouldn’t have clicked on the link. You want to build trust with them. Tell your customer why they should buy from you.
Most important in this section tell them what your product can do for them. Much like the headline you crafted, expand upon the benefits from your features and what they can do for them.

Photos and Videos

What better way to connect to your customer than to show them around your creative space? Etsy allows you to add photos and videos. You can feature your most popular product here. Show them your creative space. A photo of you working on creating is a way to capture the attention of your customer.

Shop Links

It is important that your customer gets to know you. That builds the trust between them and your shop. You can share links to your website, your blog, and your social media in the Shop Links section. If there aren’t enough links you can add another link with the orange button.

Save your work

At the lower left side below the links is the orange save button. Please save your work often and when you are finished.

Shop Policies

Every shop needs clear shop policies. They need to be well written so the customer can understand them. When writing them you need to ensure that there will be no confusion when your customer is placing an order.

Locating Shop Policies

Open your shop manager. In the left-hand column, at the bottom, you will see the settings.

A pop-out menu will appear and you will choose info appearances

A new page will open. At the top menu, of this new page will be a tab for Policies.

Here is where you will put in your shop policies.

Returns and Exchanges

Etsy has made many of these easy for you. Your shop can simply choose if they do or do not accept returns and exchanges. If you do accept them then you put in the contact me within the time frame and the ship items back within the time.

As I mainly, actually totally, deal in digital products Etsy’s policies are that there are no returns on digital products. Real-life is a bit different and I will post about returns for digital products later on.

If you do not accept Cancellations it is a simple on-off radio button. Etsy has even given you a list of items that will not be returned or exchanged.

They are simple boxes to check on those items that cannot be returned. Below this is a text box where you can fill in any other restrictions, limitations or terms.

Welcome Message

Just as you are welcomed to a boutique when you walk in the door, you want to greet your customers as they come to your Etsy Shop. This will appear under your shop members on your main Etsy Shop page.
Make sure that you thank them for their time and that you appreciate that they are spending their time in your shop.

Payment Policy

List here the methods of payment you accept. Etsy accepts credit cards, PayPal and Etsy Gift cards.
Note any taxes or customs charges that the customer may have to pay. Your Cancellation Policy with regards to payment should also be included.

Shipping Policy

How you ship and how quickly you ship should be included here. If custom orders take two weeks to ship out here, ensure that you include that information. Include your method of shipment, i.e. UPS, USPS or FedEx.

Additional Information

Etsy suggests that you put in your FAQ here. Over time you will get questions that are asked over and over. Include that information here. If you do Wholesale or consignment can be listed here, as well as any guarantees you have.

Private receipt info

This is the last box. Some countries require that additional information be provided to buyers. Etsy has a link to a FAQ on this section if it applies to you.

Save your Work

At the bottom is that classic Etsy orange save button. Save frequently so you don’t lose your work and when you are done.

Thanking your Customer

When you shop at a local small boutique, you know that you get that personalized service. When you purchase your item, the person behind the counter ask how you are. They ask if you found everything, if they can be of any service. When the transaction is done, they thank you for your purchase. You want your customer to have that same type of experience shopping at your Etsy Shop.

You should include in every package that you send out a thank you note. After all, they chose your shop to purchase from out of all the Etsy Shops there are.
Include your Shop Banner and Etsy Shop Address at the top.

The first thing you have to tell them is Thank you!
You can then tell them any information about their order. Care instructions can be included. Ingredients list, anything that may make using the product easier for the customer.
Invite them to address any questions to you and include your email or a phone number.
Now would also be the time to invite them to join your email list. Many Etsy Shop owners offer discount coupons for their next order for joining their email list.
You also would ask for that all important Etsy Review. Make sure you tell them you would appreciate their time by filling out the Etsy Review on their purchase.
Thank them again and sign your name. This is a very personalized step. Not just a typed name, but an actual signature.

Below that add your links to your website and your social media so they know how to stay in touch with you.

Contacting customers through Etsy

You can also contact your customers through Etsy.
Many Etsy Sellers like to reach out to their customers when they make a purchase. There are several ways that you can do this.
The first way is to open a conversation (convo) with them. You can access their information this way –
Go to Shop Manager > Orders & Shipping. Find the buyer’s order and choose the envelope icon to open a new conversation.
You can also email the member. Select their name and choose their email address from the dropdown menu.
Always be courteous. Thank them for their order and for putting their trust in you for their purchase.

Relay any information about the product that they ordered that you think they may be unaware.

Important Bit – you can politely ask if the customer has any feedback that they leave you a review. Etsy does automatically send an email for you doing this. But you can’t offer or look like you are offering a discount or a gift in exchange for a review.

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