Get In The Right Mindset To Start A Side Hustle

I know how it is, you get all excited when you see a side hustle opportunity you think will be a good fit for you. You think its the best thing since sliced bread and is bound to just earn you loads and loads of money. You even make plans and think about how you are going to spend the extra cash, or how you’re going to quit your job the moment their side hustle takes off, damn it you rehearsing your resignation already.

But you get halfway to success and you give up all of a sudden. You make excuses as to why your side hustle isn’t working. You tell yourself that your day job is easier because you get a steady paycheck every month. You might even try to convince yourself that you are happier at your day job anyway.

Sound familiar?

The right mindset

So many people have what it takes to succeed. Many have the skills and talent to do so, some people even know they can do it. But it’s all too easy to give up and quit chasing dreams the moment it gets a bit harder or life gets in the way.

Why do we do it to ourselves? Even when you’re full of confidence and convinced it will work? Why is that? Did they not want their dreams badly enough? Do they really like their lives the way it is right now? Maybe, maybe not.

The answer actually lies in people’s mindsets. Not everyone’s cut out to hustle and take actual charge of their lives. When you hustle, you’re taking control of your life and you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.

The thing is some people are content with whatever they have going for them at the moment. They don’t have that drive, that burning passion to see their dreams come to life. And that’s okay, that’s their prerogative, their choice.

Perhaps they’ve become jaded and cynical. They’ve seen far too many people fail, and only a very small minority succeed, so they think they just don’t have what it takes to beat the odds. In their minds, they’ve already failed.

But you don’t have to follow in their footsteps. You don’t need to feel the same way. You don’t need to feel discouraged every time you hear about someone who’s failed at their side hustles.

You control your mind

The human mind is amazing. It can either push you to go after your dreams no matter what it takes or bury it long before you even do anything about it. But your mind and your thoughts aren’t independent of who you are as a person. The truth is, YOU control your mind. Your mind doesn’t control you!

With that said, if you want to change your life for the better, then you need to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll never see success if you keep on doing the same things over and over again.

When you enter the world of side hustling and entrepreneurship, you need to change the way you think. If you’ve got a negative mindset, then you absolutely must change it to a positive one.

If you don’t, then you’re never going to get anywhere, you’ll be stuck doing the same kind of jobs until you die. The same jobs that give you an uncomfortable, mediocre, and ultimately, unhappy life.

Know your “why”

If you want to succeed in your side hustle, then you need to, first of all, understand your “why.” Why do you want to succeed? Who are you doing it for? What are you hoping to achieve with your side hustle? More money? Freedom from the rat race?

Whatever the reason, you need to always remember your “why” because it’s going to be an uphill battle to success. There will be times when you’ll feel so tired when you’ll feel like the world is conspiring against you to fail. You’ll feel like your side hustle is not bringing you any closer to your goals. When that time comes, remember your “why” and you’ll feel your motivation come back.

Chase the right goals

Your mindset plays a critical role in your side hustle success. If you don’t want your dreams badly enough, then perhaps you’re chasing after the wrong goals?

You need to get your mindset right before you attempt to do anything. If you don’t, you’re going to be suffering for months and years, wondering why you can’t muster the motivation to do what needs to be done. You’ll only be delaying your success, and every step of the way, you’ll feel like your feet weigh a ton and is dragging you down!

However, if you’re chasing after goals that you’re passionate about and you’ve got the right mindset for it, then you can expect different results. This powerful combination is what separates successful side hustlers and entrepreneurs from failures and wannabes.

So, take the time to get to know yourself, prepare your mindset, and ask yourself if you’re ready to take on one of the biggest challenges in your life.


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