Blog Post Ideas, An Endless Supply

Blog post ideas, how do you come up with an endless supply of them? If you have all the time in the world and time isn’t a struggle for you, for one, you wouldn’t be reading this post unless you’re really really bored and two I don’t like you. I am of course kidding I am sure you are lovely and I am just jealous. You probably find creating blog post ideas easy peasy too.

I am betting most people are pushed for time in some if not all aspects of their lives and there you are trying to run a blog in the middle of it all too. So how do come up with blog post ideas and actually get a post out when you have no time?

First off I got to say that running a blog when you have no time isn’t ideal. Your readers want quality, not just quantity. It’s better to blog less and have a killer post instead of blogging more with mediocre posts. So these ideas for coming up with blog post ideas are really for when a busy period is coming up and not really ideal for running your blog this way all the time.

Schedule Ahead

Ideally, when you know you’re going to be away or when summer holidays loom and the children will be home for endless weeks you can schedule posts ahead of time. This is really easy in WordPress as you edit the date and time instead of pressing publish. The weeks before your busy time you could step it up and write two posts instead of the one and schedule it. Do that a few times and bingo your holiday week is covered.

Its actually good practice to schedule your posts and get ahead of yourself. That way if something crops up your blog won’t suffer.

Start A Ideas Notebook of Blog Post Ideas

Or use whichever app on your phone you know how to use so have half a chance of actually opening it and using it. Over time you think of a post idea note it down. Really handy if you add a few notes too because that really clever post title you thought up and wrote down might look like Spanish when you look back on it. Take this notebook/phone everywhere. The smallest idea, add it.


Have a look at your analytics. Which posts are the most popular? Can you create more posts that support the popular posts? Through Google Webmaster tools look at your search queries. What are people searching to get to your site. Take some of those searches and do a mind map to get more ideas.


Just about every phone these days has a camera and seeing as we have our phones no more than 6 inches from our hands put this to good use. Learn and practice how to use your phone’s camera. See something funny, adorable and everything else take a picture. Then when you need a post in a rush you have a gallery of potential photos that you can share. You can share what you love about it, what it made you feel and anything else.

Extra brownie points if you figure out folders on your phone and name it blog post ideas and put the photos in there.

If your ‘old school’ and prefer to use a camera but a bit fuzzy on what to do I can recommend the Extremely Essential Camera Skills course form Photography Concentrate. I got it when I first got my DSLR and love their teaching style.

List It

When time is tight and you promised yourself a post will happen today create a list post. Readers love list posts. They are straight to the point. Give information quickly and sometimes solve a problem for someone. Or scrub all that they are plain fun to write. Again make a list in your notebook or phone of potential lists. Maybe you can add points as you think of them so when it comes to writing the post you just literally have to copy it out.

To start you off…

10 Way to ____

8 Reasons why I don’t _____

10 things I love about _____

5 things I don’t want to hear about on _____

Read Social Media

When you are really stuck and your go-to list is blank … social media, the news and anything else. You don’t have to read every word you’re more like glancing through. What’s happening in the world? What are people reacting to? Do you have a take on the story of the day? What are your fellow bloggers talking about?

As I said, this isn’t the way to run a blog. But we all get caught out by time so I hope these ideas to create blog post ideas help you out.

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

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