How To Find Your Voice In Blogging

Your blogging voice is generally the style of your writing. It’s your own way of saying things. It also should be unique to you and not a copy of someone else’s style.
So how do you find your blogging voice? Do you have one already and not realize. Let’s have a delve into a few questions and see where we end up.

Who Are You Writing Your Post For?

When you write a post you are generally sitting there tapping away at the laptop keys with maybe the tv or radio on the in the background. Your heads down and your tapping away. You then read the post back to yourself and you think ‘eugh it doesn’t sound right, it doesn’t sound like me’. When you talk to a person you, generally, know them. You know what they like and dislike and you kinda tailor your words to them. So if you were trying to explain to someone who was a car enthusiast you would maybe steer the examples to cars. They feel a bit more connected to you, relax more and the conversation flows more. You also wouldn’t explain it to them as if you were reading an instruction manual as they are dull as dishwater.

When you are nattering away to someone on the sofa your personality comes through in the way you talk. Writing blog posts should be the same as talking to that person if they were sat next to you on the sofa. Now you can’t know personally every single reader of your blog. But you can build an ideal customer and write as if you are writing to them.

Pen and paper time.

Do you know who your ideal reader is ‘ A vague ‘ female about 30 and wants to learn to knit’ doesn’t quite cut it though it is a start and better than nothing. So…..

  • Who are you trying to help with your blog?
  • What do they look like to you?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What sort of job do you think that have?
  • What are their interests like books and TV programmes?

You can even give them a name.

Put all the info on a postcard and have it in front of you as you type. Now write to them. Write your post to them as if they the only person that’s going to read it. Talk out loud and type as your talk or read your post back to you out loud.

When you write a post like this your personality comes through into your writing. This is your blogging voice. This is your blogging style. That post won’t be like anyone else because it’s you.


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