How To Grow Your Blog

When you get to the point that you have slogged your little socks off and have quite a nice little bundle of blog posts you may look at your blog and feel its time to start getting series about growing it. Besides you’ve braved social media and at last got into the swing of it all but your head is starting to swim with all the ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do this’ stuff that your reading. You know you should be doing things daily to grow your blog but you’re not totally sure what and you have this growing feeling of just treading water.

So what could or should you be doing on a daily basis to grow your blog? Well, I am going to give you a list but in two versions. The first being the luxury version. This is if you’re in the position of not having a day job for whatever reason. The second version is the more realistic version of blogging as a side hustle when you have a day job, you run a home and a zillion other things shouting for your attention.

The Luxury Daily List 

Write a blog post and set it to live, includes graphics, photography, and research.

Pin on Pinterest the day’s new post. Then re-pin from your Pinterest feed to your relevant boards. For a board to be considered active by Pinterest ( and then those pins shown to other Pinners) it needs to have at least 3 pins added to it each day. So simple maths of multiplying how many boards you have by 3 is your daily minimum. Or the other number to strive for in growing your Pinterest account is to repin 50 to 100 pin a day. (this, of course, is a mythical number. No one can guarantee pin so many pins a day and rule Pinterest like a king. You need to find your blogs own sweet spot by trial and error.)

Share an old post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Stumbleupon….oh and any others you’re active on.

Take an exciting and relevant photo and add to Instagram which just happens to be worthy of a photographic award of any kind.

Reply to any comments on your blog and social media and pose a thoughtful and relevant question on social media to improve engagement. Don’t forget to pop back and have a chat with the lovely people answering and joining in.

Spend some time answering emails and tidying your email folders.

Comment on interesting, engaging and relevant blogs.

Work on any eBooks, content upgrades or courses you’re currently creating because you are sooooo brainy you just know everything.

Write a list of newly brainstormed ideas for blog posts and future creatives.

Spend the evening being grateful for living the dream. Add in nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a side order of yoga and sprinkling of glitter.


Now for the more Realistic Daily List.

Get up before the rest of the house stirs to finish the blog post that has been in draft for days. Put it back in draft as household starts to wake up and demands their frosties. Coffee goes cold.

Breakfast, shower and get small people out of the house before leaving yourself hoping the coffee machine is on at work.

Suddenly think of brilliant blog post idea on your commute to work. Put it in Evernote so that it’s on your laptop. psst- if Evernote is beyond your thinking power just email it to yourself.

Whilst at lunch at your day job, multitask by adding a photo to Instagram and answering emails and replying to comments on social media whilst on the loo. Workmates worry you been in the loo too long and ask if you’re ok.

Tea with family followed by family commitments means you don’t get your laptop out until near midnight. Finish graphics on Canva as so easy on there. Finally, set the post to live.

Climb into bed unable to keep eyes open.

2 minutes later climb out of bed again as now wide awake.

Start a new post and work on an eBook idea.

But wait the realistic version has no pinning to Pinterest or posting posts to social media? How are they growing their blog on there?

Ahh, they may have less time but they have been smart and delegated some things. Pinterest is delegated to Tailwind and post posting to Coshedule.  Using these 2 means you only have to set it up and update it once a week or month. Leaving you more time to get other things on your blog done.

I’ll explain more….

Tailwind The only scheduler that Pinterest has agreed pinners can use. And OMG it’s a lifesaver. I sit down once a week and fill my schedule. I do it weekly as I pin my pins and other peoples and like to use topics I am posting about that week. So if I am doing posts about Halloween that week I make sure I pin other peoples Halloween stuff.

But the things you need to be trying to get into your day are

Create content– whatever works for you, a batch might be the answer or as you go. It has to be good, useful and answer your ideal reader’s problems. After all, that’s why they came to your blog because your fantastic.

Ideally, you want to be creating evergreen content as well, evergreen content is content that is useful year after year. So 20 Films to watch with the kids would be evergreen but 20 Best Films of 2018 wouldn’t be evergreen.

Social Media– Pinterest can be scheduled using Tailwind. Facebook needs about 2 postings a day to steadily grow your following. More and you can overkill and put people off, less and people will wonder if you have fallen off the planet. Twitter needs more as it very fast-paced so you’re looking at 5 to 10.

On social media, it can be tempting to schedule everything and go put your feet up. Scheduling can do a lot but ideally, be on social media too so that you can interact and really show your there and not just a robot. You don’t have to do it on all the channels, just the ones your audience is hanging out in.


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How To Grow Your Blog

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