How To Pick Your Blogging Niche

How to pick your blogging niche can be the hardest thing ever. For some, it can be really easy as they know exactly what they want to blog about and already have a list of post titles all worked out. They have several posts already in the draft already too. They are the lucky ones. Don’t panic if you’re sitting there without a clue as to what your niche should be. It will be ok, you will figure it out. It just takes a little bit of thinking and question asking. Taking your time on picking your niche does pay off in the long run instead of quickly picking the first thing that pops into your head.

So go grab a pen and paper or get your notes up on your phone and lets work through some questions on how to pick your blogging niche.

First, you need to find out about yourself. You don’t have to come up with the answers in 5 minutes. Ponder on it for a few days or even weeks. Take as long as you need.

1 – Probably the most important question is what do you have experience in? You don’t have to be an expert, just know more than another person but when you have experienced something you can write about it better . You also understand your reader so much more too. Write everything down and I mean the lot. Think work stuff, outside work and everything in-between. What you have experience in, is what you can teach others.

2 – This one is really important as you need to love what you’re going to be talking about every day for the next Ohh few years if not more. What do you really like to do? So what lights your face up, makes you grin like a loon?

3 – What do you wish you could do? Not every blog is about being an expert. Some of the best blogs take you on a voyage of learning as you follow the blogger by learning how to do something. You get to watch them take their first faltering steps right to when they are considered a pro.

4 – What do people come to you to help them with? You may not even notice people come to you for help on things so have a good ol think on this one or even ask other people what they notice people come to you for help.

So you now hopefully have a huge page of notes and scribbles. Can you see any patterns or things that go together? Can you put a talent/your expertise with a passion? Or maybe the things you are already helping other with a passion?

From your notes and scribbles write a list of possible combinations or single ideas that stand out. the list can be as long as you want.

It’s this list that you can work on. Narrow it down by crossing off ideas that don’t have potential. Cross off those that don’t light a fire in your belly. Ditch those that make you yawn. Now ponder on and research the hopefully shorter list of possibilities.

How to pick your blogging niche

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