How To Improve Your Instagram Account

I say improving your Instagram account as I am assuming you already have an Instagram account that could do with some TLC. If you haven’t thought about using Instagram yet then bare these tips in mind in setting up your account. These tips hopefully will help in improving your Instagram account and will help you gain more likes and comments but also can steer traffic to your blog. But of course, if you want to post what you want, how you want then that is perfectly fine too.

Improving Your Instagram Account – Theme It

Instagram isn’t just about taking a few photos and slapping them up and then wondering why its just your high school mate, mum, and Aunt that like your pics. Well, it can be of course but if you have twigged that it’s also a way of getting people to your blog then you will need a bit more than a cute pic and some luck.

If you’re trying to send people to your blog then something I have found that works are a theme. More importantly, one that fits and works with your blog. A theme can be the style of the photos, colours or in mono of the photos, items etc. When a visitor first comes across your Instagram account and see its been thought about, planned and is in keeping with the blog it makes an impact. A positive one.

If the idea of a whole theme doesn’t fill you with the warm fuzzies then how about a grid. 9 pics that are themed. Then your next 9 can be another theme.

Find Your Favourite Filter, Use it and stick with it

The quickest and easiest way to have a consistent theme is to work out which filter is your favourite, master it and stick with it. More subtle than a full-blown theme.

Colour Coordinate

Not just for your clothes, colour coordinating your photos keeps things consistent and themed. Meaning a whole lot less random stuff is likely to happen.

Be Social

Instagram is a social media site. The hint is in the title….social. Only the likes of the Victoria Beckhams in this world can take a selfie, add it to Instagram and get thousands and thousands of likes and comments. Unless there is something you haven’t told me then you will need to be active and social on Instagram to get likes and comments. This means liking other people’s pictures, commenting on relevant comments on their pictures etc.

You can test this out by doing this one evening. Take a note of your followers. Then spend an evening going through the search section on your account. You know where all those pictures are from people you don’t follow. Find ten pictures you like on ten different accounts and like them and comment on them. An hour later do it again to 10 more people. Do this as much as you like. Then the next day check you follow number? Take into account how much it normally grows a day and see if it’s improved.  I bet you it has.

#Hashtag It

Hashtags are there to help people find stuff that is relevant to them. How are people going to know you have a picture on your account of an amazing sunset if you don’t hashtag it. Yes, your followers might have seen it. But if they follow lots they might have missed it go through on their feed. When you post up your picture try adding hashtags that are relevant. So the amazing sunset wouldn’t have tags like #morningrain as that’s got nothing to do with it. As you type your hashtags Instagram does tell you how many posts are posted with that hashtag. Go for a variety of sizes.

Hashtags are also useful when you are searching. So say you took the test above but couldn’t find any pictures you like or want to see other accounts in your niche? Search using hashtags of your niche to find fellow accounts. See how their account feed looks. How can you improve yours now you seen theirs?

Fill Your Profile In

Your chance to tell the Instagram world what you do and how you can help them. So no just your name will not do. Use a picture of you or your logo and tell us about you. Oh and the obvious bit but make sure you have put the URL of your blog or site and it works….i.e you spelled it right.

Quality Over Quantity

None of the above will matter two hoots if your content isn’t full of quality. You are looking for high-quality photos, taken on your phone is fine. Photos that catch attention because they are creative, fun, and inspiring.

Invite People To Engage

Maybe they are shy or maybe they don’t know what to say. Help them out and ask them a question in your caption.

Oh and when they do comments always reply.

So how can you get more followers on Instagram? Well, the best advice is to only use the best photos of the most beautiful things. But sometimes we all could do with a little more help . So knowing the best times, filters, the number of hashtags and best days to post does come in handy.

4 Instagram Tips for More Followers

1. Which are the best days to post?
Thursday seems to be the day that people post the most, but it is Sunday and Monday that there is most engagement. It makes sense then that if you after more likes then Sunday and Monday are the days you need to be getting your new posts onto Instagram.

2. How many #hashtags should you use to increase engagement from followers
I hate it as much as you when there are loads of #hastags in the text bit for an Instagram post. But it’s been found that the posts with lots of #hashtags have more engagement than the posts that have a few or no #hashtags.

3. Which is the best time of day to post pictures?
This is an odd one as most social media channels have a sweet spot time that is the best time to post things up. For some strange reason, Instagram breaks all the rules as there seems to be no sweet spot time. Posts of all times of the day seem to do as well as the next.

4. Which is the most effective filter?
Though it’s been found that  #NoFilter is the most used hashtag on Instagram, the filter that has the most effect is the Mayfair filter because it is the most successful at encouraging follower interactions.

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