Love Pinterest? How To Make Money With It

If you are reading this then I am guessing you either love Pinterest as much as I do or you need to earn more money. Or maybe both.

Making money with Pinterest can be done and can be a nice little side earner. What makes it even better is that you can earn with Pinterest without even having a blog. Not everyone wants to go down the whole blog route so this is ideal.

You don’t have to fork out any money to start yourself up either.

Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing

You might already have heard of affiliate marketing but did you know you can do it on Pinterest?

Pinterest is ideal as it is all visual and a lot of people buy with their eyes. So with Pinterest being a search engine and all images, it can work really well. People see something they like and click the image and hopefully go on to make a purchase.

People who use Pinterest know how easy it is to make a board and fill it with the images of the things they want. A bit like mood boards but with the added bonus of having a direct link to the product. For example, if you were redoing your kitchen you could make a board of kitchen cupboards. Saving all the images of kitchen units you love. Then a board for dinnerware, maybe window blinds. On and on it goes.

People go to Pinterest to look for ideas. To source things, they want to buy. A whopping 87% of Pinterest users have gone on and bought something they found on Pinterest.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is simply you promote an item ( be it something they physical buy and get delivered or something digital like an eBook or eCourse) and you get a commission for any sales. The link you share has the tracking link that is given to you so that commissions can be tracked to you.

Its the same thing as writing a blog post promoting or recommending a product, or solving a readers problem with the answer to their problem. You would then share that post on social media.

With Pinterest, you can cut out the blog post and share your affiliate link directly on Pinterest. Check each affiliate programs requirements as some will specify links need to be within a post on a website.

The other great thing about Pinterest is the pins can go on forever. On other social media channels like Twitter or Facebook once you share a link in a post or tweet it has a relatively short lifespan. A pin, on the other hand, can go on and on as different people search for things and it gets reposted and saved

Does Pinterest allow this?

You might have heard that it was previously not allowed. Thanks to spammers having a field day and spamming the life out of Pinterest it was stopped for a while. But since 2016 it has been allowed again.

They do require a few things though. Don’t abuse the system. Don’t spam. Make sure your images and descriptions aren’t misleading in any way. Don’t just pin your affiliate pins but also repin other peoples content too. Don’t make it all me me me.

A Guide On Making Money On Pinterest

You need a Pinterest account. If you already have an account you can use that. I would suggest having a business Pinterest account as you can then check analytics. I also suggest that your Pinterest account is already established as this would have a few followers to start with.

That doesn’t mean a new account won’t work, it would just take a bit longer that’s all. You would need to fill it out first so that its fuller and looks better than an empty Pinterest account.

It is also better to have a niche instead of lots of random pins on random boards. This way a prospective follower knows what your Pinterest account is about instead of being a mishmash of lots of different themes.

As you build and get your Pinterest account into shape you can apply to affiliate programs. Keep it to your niche so that followers see consistency not randomness.

Actually Pinning Pins

Although you can sometimes pin directly from the retailer’s website I would recommend getting to grips with software like Canva and making your own pins. This makes your pins unique and not the same as everyone else doing the same thing.

You want to stand out from the crowd. To make pins that are unique and better than other affiliates.

More bits of advice. Don’t use URL shorteners as Pinterest have advised they don’t always track correctly. You would hate to put all this work in and then not get the commission for sales.  The other bit is to make your descriptions unique. You will be competing with lots of other pinners wanting to earn money too so make your descriptions unique and compelling. You can use a scheduler like Tailwind which can do a lot of the hard work for you.

Lastly, as said before, pin other peoples content too. Your aim is to be an authority in a niche. That way people put there trust in you as they belive you know all about your niche and they hopefully click your links and purchase.


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