Putting it all Together for an Etsy Shop That Will Thrill Your Customer

Now that you have your shop all set up, you want to focus on giving your customer that A+ shopping experience. You want them to be able to find you in Etsy search. Once they find you, you want them to be return customers.

Sell Yourself

Know that you are selling not only your craft items, but you are selling yourself. Most crafters are introverts. You will find that if you come out of your shell and connect with your customers you will see an increase in sales. This applies not only to Etsy, but to any marketing you do for your business. Fill out that about page. Put a picture of yourself on your Etsy page. Let them know that the person behind the wonderful item is a real person. Answer emails in a personal manner.

If you have problems writing an About page have a friend help you. Sometimes this is the hardest page on Etsy to fill out. Many of us don’t like talking about ourselves. A friend can help you beef it up and will help to make that page shine with your personality.


Photos sell your product. Your customer cannot touch your product, so your photos and your descriptions need to sell it.

Name your photo. Don’t just use the generic term that comes off your camera, such as Canon 00234. Give them a name so google finds them. Use your keywords.

For example, a bar of soap that is strawberry scented in the shape of a goddess would be: Strawberrygoddesshandmadesoap.jpg/ Make sure you take photos from every angle imaginable. When you shop you pick up the item, you turn it around, you examine it.

In your Etsy shop your photos need to do this for the customer. Include lifestyle shots. If you are selling a necklace, use photos of someone wearing the necklace. Show a bar of soap in a soap holder in a bathtub. Show the customer what it would look like in their home.

Use your Keywords

We have discussed Keywords and SEO before, but it is important to check the keywords you are using often. Use keywords in your title, first and last line of description and tags.
Keywords are how your products are found. Without going into a long discussion, keywords are those words that people search. For example, I am searching for a purse. I want a purse that is made from sweaters like the one I saw at a craft fair. I enter handmade sweater purse into the search engine. Those three words are keywords. I want them in my description. I want them in the name of my photos and I want those words in my title.

The key to using keywords is to find the words people are searching. Google has tools for keyword research. You want to find keywords that are searched for but that do not have competition. This topic could be covered in an e-book all by itself. Learning to find keywords can be an essential tool to your Etsy success.

List 100 Items

They say the general rule is to list about 100 items. That is HARD, but I did make more sales. The more items that you have, the more Etsy shows your listings.

Shop Banner

Your shop banner is important. It is often how customers identify that they are in your shop and not someone else’s.

If you have working knowledge of Photoshop you can make one yourself. If not there are Etsy Shops that specialize in making you your own personalized Banner. It is well worth the investment.


Did I mention how important they are?

Get Social

Join some of the Etsy teams. Make a treasury which is a selection of the products you like most from different shops. Join one of the hundreds of Etsy groups on Facebook.
Check out your competition. Now I didn’t say stalk your competition or imitate your competition. I said to check them out. Notice what is working for them, or isn’t working for them. Look over their descriptions, their titles. See how much they are charging for items similar to yours. While you don’t want to be them, you can learn from them.

View your competition as your social network. Many are willing to share ideas. They are not your enemy. Many of them can be found hanging out together on Facebook in groups that pertain to their niche. Join them!


Never stop learning. Etsy is always changing. There are some great place to check in on all the Etsy offers and any changes.
Hang out at your competition’s Etsy page. Visit your successful competitor’s pages often to see what they are doing and to see if you can make any of their techniques work for you.

Follow people even if they aren’t in your niche. People you follow will follow you. Then your items end up in their feed.

Don’t Give Up!

The most important tip is to keep trying! Don’t give up. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Tweak your keywords. Change the angle of your photos. You will find that sweet spot.

This is not an easy undertaking. Nor is it an overnight success. Making your own shop is a lot of work. When you set up an Etsy shop you are in business. Businesses are not always easy. If you keep working at it, always learning you will become successful.

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