Tips For Getting Lots Of Lovely Traffic To Your Blog

Getting traffic to your blog seems to be the Holy Grail of blogging. Though blogging isn’t just about the numbers it does make your stomach flip when you see your traffic stats start to climb. Only this week my other blog saw a really nice spike in traffic from 100 visitors a day to 2300+ on one day with neighboring days seeing 1000+. That little spike was from a pin getting some attention.

So what other tips are there for getting more traffic….

On Site

First and the most important be genuine. Love what your blogging about. Know what you are blogging about. Live and breath it. When you have a passion and a knowledge of a subject it will shine through in your writing.

Re-read your post titles. Are they catchy, do they make you want to know more? I found this Headline Checker from Coschedule really helpful and it’s free.

How’s your SEO know-how? You don’t have to become an SEO master but learning the basics will help you so much more than knowing nothing at all. Head over to THE place for SEO The

Check each post has a relevant picture. Not only does it look more attractive but it gives readers something to pin.

Vary your blog post types. Just all text posts are fine but you can spice it up with How To posts, lists types and checklists. It adds variety plus also you might find your readers go absolutely gaga over checklists or list types.

Have a weekly ( or monthly) theme. Readers then know each Friday or Monday or whatever day you’ve chosen, is your Razzamataz day or Saving Money day.

Feature other bloggers on your blog. The featured blogger not only brings along its loyal readers from their blog but you may be offering a new blog to read to your readers.

On The Social Side

When your tweeting on twitter uses relevant hashtags. If you have a weekly theme use the same hashtag on it.

Create a Facebook Fan Page. You can then post your blog post links, ask questions and get your readers engaged and involved.

Use Pinterest. Not just once in a blue moon when you have nothing else to do but every day. Learn how to use Pinterest properly.

Work out how LinkedIn works and use it. ( On my list to do)

Re-Post your older content on Facebook and Twitter so that your newer readers can find posts they might not have read.

The Rest

Comment on other people’s blogs. I don’t mean they awful spammy “hi nice post” kind of comments. Find bloggers in your niche. Read their posts and the posts you really love getting involved.

If a post has really really useful info that your readers could do with printing off, use Scribd to repost as PDF form.

Make sure your blog URL is on the bottom of all your emails in your signature and put it anywhere else you can while you’re at it.

Have business cards made with your blog URL so that you can whip them out at any and every opportunity?

Send your blog posts out to your email subscribers, don’t just assume they come to you to read your posts. Make it easier on yourself and use something like Convertkit

So there you go. Have a go at that lot and I am sure I will think of some more very soon.

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