With the fast pace at which Ai art is evolving, it’s no wonder everyone is starting to sell Ai clipart in some form. A few of the graphic marketplaces are even allowing it. Design Bundles and Hungry JPG have opened their doors to it. And of course, Etsy is full of it. So let’s dive into some tips for selling Ai clipart

But if you are selling on these places, how can you stand out and make your millions like every TikTok creator is promising, I can promise you that just creating it and uploading it won’t cut the mustard or pay the bills.


Do you have a niche or are you just winging it? Yes, I know everyone bangs on about this one but it’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond than staying alive in a huge ocean. Etsy is the ocean and your shop is the little fishy.

Your niche can be the style you create your clipart watercolor or pencil etc, or even better it can be a theme like gothic, cottage-core, whimsical, etc. Of course, you don’t have to have a niche but it will be a harder mountain to climb.

What is Selling

Are you just creating anything you fancy and listing it? It’s okay to create 100’s images of a cat doing gymnastics but if it’s not a trend everyone is looking for then poor little kitty will be rather lonely in the never-sold camp. Look at other shops to gauge what is popular by looking at their sold listings (if they have it switched on on Etsy) and by looking at their recent reviews. You can also use Insight Factory too. Then when you have some ideas do your own spin on it. You are using other shops for research not to copy them.

Listing Images

Is your main listing like every other Ai clipart shop on Etsy? Shake it up a bit. Split-test your images to see what style your buyers respond to more. Inspire your customers. Most clipart customers are creative by nature so they can imagine what your clipart will look like in their project but some aren’t blessed with this and need a nudge.

Show separate images in an arrangement. Give them ideas on mockups of how fabulous your clipart will look on a t-shirt, mug, etc. Make sure you show every item so the customer knows what they are parting with their money for. It doesn’t have to be on the main photo but can be the additional images.

Extra tips for when you start having regular sales.

These are little tips that can all add up to a returning customer becoming a huge fan and buying from you more often.

A bugbear when I buy clipart is the file names. Name your folders and files appropriately. Clipart buyers are hoarders, I know I am one of them, so when I know I bought a lovely cat doing ballet clipart but can’t remember which folder it’s in and search for it I want it to show up in my files if I search for cat or ballet. I

f the creator left the file name as sdfwv.png I have no hope of finding it. If I am not quickly finding it then I’m not remembering how great that shop is and going back to see if they have anything new I want to buy. And having to rename all the files is quick, yes I know, but narks me as a buyer.

Consider having a ‘last 7 days’ or ‘last month’ section. Use whatever time frame works for you and your posting schedule, and if you slow up you can change the section accordingly. Put your new clipart in there first for the appropriate number of days.

Returning customers who like your niche or style do return and want to see what new stuff you have. Don’t make them have to work for it, make it easier for them.

On Etsy, an easy way to do this is to use the SKU number. I have a 7 days section so when I post something I work out the date in 7 days’ time and add that to the SKU box. Then I keep an eye on it and move the relevant ones on the day they need to move.

Shake it up with bundles, bigger bundles, and singles. Not all crafters want a bundle for the one item they want to make. Crafters create items in bulk and one-offs so make sure you have it in your store.

Lastly, crafters create ahead of the season so instead of thinking should I be getting my Halloween stuff up GET IT LISTED now and your Christmas listings. It’s August now and I have most of mine up and will continue to add but already thinking about Valentine’s ideas.

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