What Is A Blogging Hustle?

What is a blogging hustle? Well, a hustle is a way to make some extra cash that allows you the flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in without quitting your day job. So a blogging hustle is having a blog, as well as working your normal day job, and earning money with your blog.

You can blog about anything you want but if its something you are passionate about it won’t feel like a chore, you’ll love blogging and you will earn more as your passion for your subject will not only shine through but keep you blogging. Love it enough you can turn it into a blogging hustle.

How much you can earn from your blogging hustle does depend on how much time you devote to your blog. You get out what you put in. Successful bloggers diversify their blogging revenue streams so that if one falters or fails not all is lost.

There are roughly for main ways a blogging hustle can earn you money. Sponsored work, adverts, affiliate links and seeing your own product or service. Which one or combination you choose is your choice.


Different Ways You Can Earn with a Blogging Hustle

Sponsored Work

You can get sponsored and review work through agencies or you can pitch to brands yourself.

Sponsored Blog Posts – this is when you write a blog post that has a link in it to a company. Sometimes they may provide the content themselves which has a link to it.

Review Posts – this is where a company sends you a product for you to try and then to write a post about it. The post would have photos of the product and a link to where readers can get the product themselves.

Sponsored Social Media Posts – Bit like a sponsored blog post but where you share the tweet, status, Instagram post etc on social media.

In all sponsored and review posts you need to abide by the law and mark it as sponsored. 


Direct-Sold Ads – You can start the ball rolling by having a plugin ( if you’re on WordPress) that advertises you have advert space available to sell or you can get nifty with Canva. Doing it this way is a bit more work for you but you do get all the money.

Ads With a Network – This route involves applying to ad networks and then adding the code to your site. The Ad Network takes a cut as they act as the middleman so you don’t earn the full amount.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate product links are links within your post that take a reader to the product. It has special code within the link so that the supplier knows you sent the reader to them. If the reader then buys the product then you the blogger gets a small percentage. Commissions vary depending on the product, ebook or course.

Again like sponsored and review posts you must let the reader know that the post includes affiliate links. 

Sell a Product or Service

All the above ways are good ways of earning money with your blog. Some are a bit hit and miss and will really depend on your readers, niche and following. All the above do have another thing in common, they are sending readers away from your blog. You slog your little socks off in every spare hour you have and then you send that prized reader away? The clever bit is if you can convert your reader into your customer. Not someone else customer, yours.

You are probably screwing up your nose and wondering how on earth you can sell something to people. Like what sort of things can you sell on a blog. Well, the best way to sell something is if you can figure out what your readers needs. Solve a problem they have. Be able to teach them something they need to learn and you know how to do.

eBooks – This one is starting to get a bit stale but there can still be living in this one. You can repurpose the content on your blog or write something new. Fiction, non-fiction whichever fits into your niche. Sell on your blog and through places like Amazon.

Printable – the list of printables is huge. There are worksheets you can design, help people get organized with organizational tools, printable for events, calendars….have a look on Etsy to get some ideas. You can sell them on Etsy and on your blog.

Freelance Writing – if you love writing blog posts but want to broaden your horizons you can write posts for other brands and companies.

Online Course – have a read through the questions you get in comments and through emails. What are you readers asking you? Develop a course that helps your readers with their problems and need answers to.

Webinar – these are where you help people in a 1 – 2-hour session.

Digital Artwork – bit nifty with arty things? Then you could sell your designs in a digital print form on your blog and Etsy.

Virtual Assistant – The longer you blog the niftier little skills you pick up without realizing. Have a look at yourself and see what skills you have acquired without realizing. It’s these little skills that are in demand with other bloggers who don’t have the time.

Handmade Items – If you crafty in any way have a look at Etsy and see what people are selling. Don’t copy but there’s is nothing like seeing what other people are making to inspire your own craftiness.

Social Media Management – realized you’re a whizz at twitter or maybe you’ve worked out Instagram? Whichever social media account you have mastered you can freelance as a social media consultant and manage other peoples social accounts.



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