What to post in your Social Media campaign

It’s all very well learning which social media hangout your audience use, creating accounts on those Social Media sites but then what. What on earth do you post on social media?

Well, first up there’s the obvious blog post links. You probably post a link to your latest post as soon as you hit publish but you can post it more than once and while you’re at it re-post links to older blog posts too. Your newer fans might not have delved into the depths of your site so help them out a little and bring older posts into their line of sight.

If you sell a product or service let people know which is your best seller. Your target audience might be after the same thing.

When promoting on Social Media it’s not all me me me. You want to be known as the ‘go to’ person for a subject of thing. That means you know all about it and share with your readers all things that are about your subject. So if another blogger writes a brilliant post on something that is within your niche the share it with your readers. This also goes for suppliers that go that extra step or tools you can’t live without.

Everybody knows when Valentines is, or when Christmas is. But what about the lesser known holidays. National Zebra Day would be the ideal day to show all your Zebra products but not many people know it falls on the 31st January. Find out how it came about and share it with your readers.

If you or your blog or one of your products or services are about to be featured somewhere shout about it. Build a bit of hype before your featured then share it once it’s live.

Tease your audience with sneak peaks of products, services, and posts that are in the pipeline. It’s also a good way to gauge interest.

Got a brilliant testimonial from a customer or reader, share it.

Made a gaff but hilariously funny? Share it. Let your readers know your human. But be sparse with this one, you may be a dizzy daydream but you don’t want people to lose confidence in you.

Create how-to posts. How to fold a napkin or How to make toast….what ever fits in your niche.

Be genuinely helpful and give advice and tips.

Photos. From something beautiful to look at to something in the process of being made.

Got an offer, discount or promotion? Shout about it.

Do a behind the scenes post. A day in your life or think outside the box with a day in the life of your product …use your imagination.

Ask questions to engage your audience and to get valuable feedback.

Lastly the bog standard, everyone does it, motivational quote or image.





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