Why Is An Email List So Important?

An email list is a list of emails that people have given you permission to send them updates and other things useful to them, via email. The permission bit is important as you can’t just get a load of email addresses and send them updates from your blog. You have to have the email owners permission. Yes, I know you probably have a bunch of emails in your inbox that you never signed up for,  because of someone unscrupulous enough somewhere sold their email list. It’s not clever, nice or legal. But hey ho.

Now the other bit that’s important is that they gave you their email address. This means they are interested in what you have to say or have for sale. Whichever, they are interested in you. That has sorted out a lot of non-buyers, non-targetted, not potential customers etc leaving you with a more targetted list of potential buyers, customers or whatever you are looking for.

An email list has so many more positives going for it too. You own your list. Social media goes through trends, ups, and downs. What may work this week on Facebook, might not work next week? People fall in and out of love with social media. They may sign in every day for one week and then the following week they can’t be arsed. That ad you paid for on Facebook only gets to the people who could be arsed to sign in this week. Email is there, on their smartphone in their pocket. There are 101 different companies that will help you send your emails, I recommend Convertkit as it is so easy to use.

When you have an email list you have the opportunity to be one-to-one with that person. You get to be in their inbox and they get to read your email as many times as they need to. They don’t have to find the article that they were halfway reading, you linked to it in the email. They can go straight to that email, click the link and carry on.

So that is why everyone goes on and on that, you need to be growing your email list from day one.



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