Now if you think an Entrepreneurs Day isthe following run down of my day is going to be inspiring to any budding entrepreneurs reading, think again. I won’t be telling you how to craft the perfect day either. I won’t be telling you I wake at 5 am and do an hour of yoga then an hour of meditation with a tree hug squeezed in.

I never have two days the same. I planned it that way. I have tried having a diary of when things need to be done and I find myself suddenly doing housework instead. I have tried having set days so working on one Etsy shop one day, another Etsy shop the other….nope didn’t work for me. The only thing that works for me is one master to-do list. I then choose what I want to do when I wake up.

I am blessed or cursed, depending on your view, with an internal clock that likes to be up and wide awake around 4.30 am. There is no lazy lie-in, oh I wish for one of those. Nope, I go from snoring to raring to go in nanoseconds. I have tried to stay in bed and train myself to sleep later but after many years I have given up and just go with the body clock flow.

4.30 am till 10 am I am in the office and that is when I do most of my work. Admin, accounts, planning, and whatever I decided I need to do.

Now if it is a weekday everyone has left the house and I choose where to work the rest of the day. Office, bed, sofa, garden….I can hear your excitement about my potential work commute. Cats come and go throughout the day depending where I have camped out. If it’s the bed all 3 think it’s a bed day and join me. I then work till humans start returning to the house and we have dinner. I’ll either draw or finish work on my laptop in the evening on the sofa as we watch tv.

That is about exciting as it gets. Rather disappointing isn’t it?

Weekends get more exciting ( heavy dose of sarcasm )

Take yesterday, it was Saturday so I didn’t really have to work. I recently started clocking my hours as I didn’t believe my husband when he said I do about 80 to 100 hours a week. We don’t need to discuss that he was actually correct but I am trying to address the stupid hours and work smarter.

Got about 8 listings made and added to drafts in one of Etsy’s shops. Made coffee.

Reviewed the ongoing to-do list and didn’t want to do anything on it. Didnt feel guilty as it was Saturday so wandered off to do housework. The cleaner had been so nothing really needs doing. Made coffee.

Thought I could get some work done so that ahead of next week. Tidied the desk and de-furred it from cat fluff. Looked at the list again, needed coffee as still not interested in doing anything as it was Saturday and I’m supposed to be working smarter.

Decided to draw as that is relaxing. Starts drawing something that I won’t sell so can’t class it as work, decided can’t draw for toffee so thought about going for a walk as that is healthy or weeding some of the veg patches. It was absolutely tipping it down. Coffee. The husband is watching cricket, hence he’s not out admiring his cabbages, decided I don’t understand cricket, and is a sport I will never get into.

Sits on the sofa with one of the cats. The cat looks at me and gets off the sofa and goes to another room. Rewrote to-do list.

I felt like I should be doing something but didn’t want to do anything and doing nothing isn’t me.

Cricket is finished for the day, hurrah, so we start a Mission Impossible-fest. I am sure Tom Cruise was in nappies in the first film.

Cook a curry together to discover it’s too spicy for me. Husband says it’s really nice as I eat rice and steamed veg.

Got a 2nd wind and made the to-do list twice as long as it was in the morning.

( coffee is decaffeinated before anyone panics I’ve overdosed and the cat still not talking to me )

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