Why Etsy and Corjl?

I have always loved Etsy as a selling platform. It ticks a lot of my boxes and with the success, I am getting with using Corjl with it too, its a good fit.

First up Etsy takes care of all the finances. Customers pay and regardless of where they are in the world or what currency they have paid in, Etsy looks after any taxes that need paying and pays me in my currency once a week. This gives a consistent and seamless process for customers and when customers are happy they tend to come back and buy more.

Etsy is its own powerhouse of a marketplace. Etsy built its name up for being handmade/vintage and not mass produced which got a following and once a customer has discovered Etsy they tend to go back to shop time and time again. This has brought the customers in the door to you. They are there with their wallets open and ready to buy. There are not browsing Facebook with no intention to buy waiting for their tv program to start, they are there looking with buying in mind. That is like not just gold dust but gold nuggets.

Corjl might be something you haven’t heard of and I wouldn’t be surprised as I had never heard of them before. Corjl is online, so no software for buyer or seller to download. It lets buyers log into their purchase which they bought via Etsy and edit the words they need. Then when they are done they download the files and print. So not only is the proofreading and editing down to the customer, as a seller I don have to upload or send them anything.

Corjl as a seller very easy to use too. You can create a design in your chosen software and upload it or upload the graphics and design in Corjl. If you want the design in another item you can easily ‘Save As’ and edit to and you have a second product.

The magic bit is how they work together. In very basics terms ( I will do more in-depth instructions) I create a product in Corjl. I then create a new listing on Etsy. The item number from Etsy is put into the settings of my product in Corjl. The buyer likes my listing and purchases it. Because my Etsy shop is linked to my account in Corjl the magic bit happens and Corjl sends my customer a link to log in and edit there purchase and download it. That’s it.

Maybe now your mind is buzzing with all the things you could make? Mine was too and it can be a bit overwhelming so I will create some posts on how I did it all.

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