Selling clipart to customers is very different because clipart customers are different from other buyers. The variety that they want the clipart for is huge. Daunting I know to nail down that target customer but it can be in your favor.

But let’s go back to the very beginning when you are creating your clipart. Be it hand-drawn with your own fair hands, created on an iPad, or even Ai art. Right from the start think of how your customers will be using your finished item.

Clipart is generally bought by a crafter, they could be a one-time crafter making things for their home, a designer making invitations, or a crafter who sells physical items at craft fairs, or Etsy to name a few places. When you start creating your clipart and thinking about what to create, think about how the crafter could use it. Would it help them if you made compositions with some of the components? Can they use different components in different ways? Would they use some of the components singularly?

An example is my gnomes, I know lots of my customers use just a single gnome on a mug with added text so I sell in my pack of 3 gnomes each gnome is a separate file. I then had some customers using them all together so I offer some with all 3 combined.

Use the same thinking when you bundle up your clipart, especially clipart like Ai clipart. If you look on Etsy just about every Ai clipart seller sells their creations in large bundles. But think how useful is it for the customer. Do they want a pack of 20 penguins? Would 20 benefit them? Some crafters may just want one penguin as maybe one of their customers has asked for a specific item but with a penguin on, so they wouldn’t want 20 penguins. So don’t be afraid of offering single items too.

You are more likely to gain more sales by offering single items, mini bundles, and larger bundles instead of just offering a large bundle. Plus you are doing something different from the gazillion other Ai clipart sellers.

One last thought when creating your clipart, make sure you name your files. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, just what the item is. When I buy clipart I do not want to be renaming all the files after downloading it. But I want to be able to find things easily and quickly. I want to be able to go to my files and search ‘penguin’ and see all my penguin clipart. I don’t want to have to go hunting for that cute clipart of a penguin I know I bought last Christmas and can’t remember what the clipart pack was called.

So the main thing I am saying is to think of your target customers and how they would use your clipart.

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