Unless you were dipped in fairy dust at birth you will at some point cry these immortal words. Why can’t I get sales on my Etsy shop?

If you are in any of the many Facebook groups dedicated to Etsy selling you will probably have also seen at least one of these posts each day. They may add that they have done everything right or that they use to get loads of sales and now nothing, or maybe it’s a newbie whose Etsy shop has been open a week and they understand why they are not a millionaire yet.

So I am going to go through the obvious bits and some Discover why many Etsy shop owners wonder, “Why can’t I get sales?” Uncover common challenges and practical solutions for boosting your online business.of the less obvious and throw in a few horrible bits, so any snowflakes have been warned, read on at your peril.

Lets dive in.

Do you have good photos, used as many pictures as you can. One dimly light dodgy photo showing just one angle isn’t going to entice anyone to click on your listing. If you are selling digital items show examples of your item to spark customers’ ideas like on a t-shirt, mug, etc.

Are your titles and tags in order? Use all those tags and get relevant and searched for keywords in both. A title should make sense to a customer reading it and not sound like a robot created it. Tags should have more than one word in each tag so that you get full use of them.

Is your price way too high or low? Yes having too low a price can put customers off just as much as having too high a price. Look at your competition and gauge an average.

Are you selling an item that fills a need or a desire? If it’s something that fills a desire, like ‘Oh that’s pretty I want that’ these listings are going to struggle with the current worldwide economic crises we are all facing. But they will thrive around Christmas time. If you are selling something that fills a need tell your customer how this item will fill their need but make sure you empathize with your customer so that they don’t feel like a failure.

And now the ugly truth…..is your item actually nice and appealing? Just because you like it and some distant relative said it’s nice and you should sell it, it doesn’t always mean there is a demand for it. Get on to places like Insight Factory to see what actually is selling, what is trending, and what people are searching for.

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